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In 2003 TGP Enterprises was incorporated in the state of Minnesota by Anthony Eischens. Anthony spent the previous nine years as an independent consultant as well as employee of multiple companies. TGP fosters an atmosphere of learning both within the organization and with clients. Anthony instructs part time in the Science Museum of Minnesota Computer Education Center and is always striving to learn and improve himself, his employees, and those around him.

TGP is a lean operation varying from one to three employees working in combination with a number of contractors. Outside of the traditional IT arena TGP operates as the subcontracting authority for the development of the Harpoon: Commander's Edition naval warfare simulation package that recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Interesting Tidbit - The name TGP has no legal meaning but is derived from the distant past, the days of the BBS. In that usage TGP stood for The Game Place.

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